Every project made by AMAKO EXPO is made by a team of professionalists, whose task is to promote an exhibitor and his brand as well as try to catch attention of potential contractors. The ability to apply modern solutions in our projects allows us to make unique concepts, which every exhibition stand should have. So the originality of the project depends on character of marketing project, elements used in building a stand and our knowledge and creativity.

Prices of individual exhibition stands and original projects

Our every client can get an individual approach, targeted to certain needs and planned budget. And it doesn't matter if it's a standard project, as well as stands with pre-equipped exhibition systems or even projects where we apply our own innovative ideas. Entrusting our company with complex project usually sets the price of implementation an exhibition stand. Is it cheap? We're cannot judge this, beacouse the price of a stand and it's realization is one thing, and the achieved benefit, which price does not include, is the second.

The final price of a project is established by a lot of factors, which are: the size of a stand and it's construction, as well as materials and equipment used in building a stand. Services and implementation accompanying a certain project are also significant. That's why you should contact us to get your exact valuation: +48 12 416 78 10 or

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